Pomoc psychologiczna
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Psychotherapy/ Couples therapy

Psychological help / Psychotherapy / Couples therapy in English


The offer is addressed especially to people who straggle with one of below issues:

  • prolonged depressed mood, anxiety or depression
  • reduced self- esteem and a lack of self-confidence
  • difficulties and conflicts in marital or partner relationships (or other family member or people)
  • suffering from the effects of a very serious life situation (eg mourning, severe illness, job loss, relationship crisis, disability)
  • difficulty in expressing or controlling emotions
  • lack of satisfaction with life
  • general infirmity
  • chronic stress
  • sleeping problems
  • challenges related to professional work, burnout
  • difficult choices and changes in life
  • dysfunctional family (DDA / DDD)
  • infertility


Also, psychotherapy is addressed to people who are coping every day, but:

  • they want to look at themselves and understand their lives better
  • they want to make important life changes but they lack of courage or motivation
  • they want to develop and work on their self-awareness
  • they want to improve some social skills (eg communication, assertiveness, decision-making)
  • they want to manage with stress better
  • they want to find satisfaction and meaning in life


Psychotherapy is provided by Małgorzata Jacobi, qualified psychotherapist, who finalized with diploma psychological study as well as is after a 4-year School of Psychotherapy at the INTRA Psychological Support and Education Center, recommended by the Polish Psychological Association.


Psychologist – Psychotherapist Centrum probalans Wola Ratusz Warszawa

M Jacobi



Available at Centrum probalans Wola Ratusz (also on Saturdays)

180 PLN/50 min 270 PLN/ 80 min.