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Psychiatric consultation and diagnosis for adults

The pressure exerted on us related to the pace of life, professional stress, issues in personal life cause more people to suffer from various types of mental disorders and diseases. The world’s largest mental health study conducted in 2009 indicates that 18.1–36.1% of global population will experience a mental disorder in their lifetime1. The OECD report from 2014 shows an upward trend in morbidity – data suggests that every second person will suffer from mental health disorders during their lifetime2. The most common are: addictions, anxiety disorders, insomnia, depression, somatization disorders. Nowadays, the problem of addictions seems to be particularly important, since in addition to the abuse of psychoactive substances, including medicines, behavioral addictions (computer games, social media or gambling) are becoming more prevalent. Consultation with a psychiatrist allows to dispel fears related to any uncertainties about one’s mental health. It gives the patient a clear answer as to what they are dealing with, which enables the determination of further treatment such as pharmacotherapy and/or psychotherapy.


We offer treatment and diagnosis of the following:

  • Affective (depressive) disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Psychotic disorders
  • Mental illnesses of the elderly
  • Personality disorders

1Kessler RC, Aguilar-Gaxiola S, Alonso J, Chatterji S, Lee S, Ustün TB. The WHO World Mental Health (WMH) Surveys. Psychiatrie (Stuttg). 2009 Jan 1;6(1):5-9. PMID: 21132091; PMCID: PMC2995950.


Psychiatric Consultation:

Psychiatrist will conduct a thorough conversation. Its purpose is to establish a diagnosis and to formulate pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment plan afterwards – one that meets the needs and expectations of the patient. During the visit the doctor will resolve doubts and questions, conduct psychoeducation regarding the diagnosis and planned therapies. Patients who come for a visit for the first time will be asked to provide documents on previous outpatient or hospital treatment: information cards, blood test results, imaging tests (e.g. CT or MRI of the head), EEG or results of specialist consultations. It is also important to inform the doctor about current and past medications, chronic diseases, as well as the fact of being under the care of other specialists. Obtaining comprehensive knowledge about the patient’s health allows the psychiatrist to suggest the safest and most effective method of treatment.

Our English speaking psychiatrist in Centrum probalans Warsaw


Skuteczny psychiatra w Warszawie

Sasza Waldemar Rychlica, MD.

Experience as a Psychiatrist:

I gained experience working outpatient in mental health clinic, at stationary psychiatric ward, day care and addiction therapy departments. Since 2019, I have been attending a specialization training (residency) in the field of Psychiatry at the Mental Health Center of the Mazowiecki Szpital Bródnowski. The residency consists of training courses (e.g. in psychogeriatrics or the basics of psychotherapy), internships (neurology, psychiatry of children and adolescents) and a basic psychiatric module. I conduct exercises and seminars for English Division students and engage in scientific activities at the 2nd Psychiatric Clinic of the Medical University of Warsaw. Currently I engage in treatment and diagnosis outpatient in the mental health clinic and at stationary psychiatric ward.

What are my tasks at Centrum probalans?

I conduct psychiatric consultations.

I provide diagnosis and treatment for:

– Mood disorders

– Anxiety disorders (neurosis)

– Psychotic disorders

– Sleeping disorder

– Behavioural disorders in the course of dementia and other diseases


Stationary (in-person) visits on Thursdays and Fridays

First consultation 40 min. – 260 PLN

Next consultation 20 min. – 220 PLN

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